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Shortening the computer address could be a technique of the globe Wide net within which an identical Resource locater (URL) will be considerably reduced then straightened to the specified page. this can be achieved by employing a send that links to an internet page that incorporates a longer computer address. as an example, the computer address "" could also be shortened to "", and therefore the computer address "http: // example will be shortened at .com /about/index.html "" ". The send name is shorter than the initial. A friendly computer address electronic messaging technologies might have to limit the quantity of characters in a very message (for example SMS), to cut back the necessity to write down if the reader is repeating a computer address from a print supply, to create it straightforward to recollect, or for the aim of a permalink. In Nov 2009, the computer address shortening service Bitley's short links were accessed a pair of.1 billion times. [1] alternative uses for shortening URLs square measure to "beautify" a link, track clicks or amendment the underlying address. though disguising associate degree underlying address could also be needed for legitimate business or personal reasons, it's receptive abuse. [2] Some short URLs Doing service suppliers have found themselves in spam blacklists, as they use redirected services from sites that are attempting to bypass several of identical blacklists. Some websites forestall short, redirected URLs from being denote.


There are several reasons for shortening the URL. Often regular non-pointing links can be very suggestive. Many web developers pass the attribute details in the URL to data stats, command structures, transaction paths or session information. This can result in URLs that are hundreds of characters long and have intricate character patterns. Such URLs are difficult to remember, typed, or distributed. Results As such, the long URL's copy and paste are required for reliability. Therefore, short URLs can be easier for websites or hard copy publications (such as printed magazines or a book), the latter often split into longer strings of required lengths (such as some email or some email). On the Internet) forums) or on the internet. On Twitter and some instant messaging services, there is a limit to the number of messages a message can receive - however, Twitter is now reducing its own URL shortening service, TKA. Shortens the link automatically using, so there's no need to use a different URL. Shorten the service to shorten the URL in a tweet. On other such services, the URL shortener may allow the use of links to webpages that link to it. Would violate the ban. Unified Source Locator Shortening Sites delivers careful data on link-receiving links, which can be simpler than integrating an equally powerful server-side analytics engine, and

On the contrary. No access required. Encoded URLs in two-dimensional barcodes, such as the RR code, are often shortened to reduce the printed area of   the core, or to allow printing at low density to improve scanning reliability.